Michael Italikos

Michael Italikos
   Popular teacher and writer at the Patriarchal School in Constantinople (qq.v.) in the second quarter of the 12th century. The Patriarchal School trained the clergy in theology (q.v.) and related subjects. Michael taught a wide variety of subjects, including the Holy Scriptures, rhetoric, philosophy (qq.v), and mathematics. His patroness at court was Irene Doukaina (q.v.), to whom he wrote a glowing eulogy. In a eulogy to Manuel I (q.v.) he compares the emperor to the sun in a way that suggests a heliocentric conception of the universe (not the typical three-layered scheme of heaven, earth, and hell). Later in his life he became metropolitan of Philippopolis (qq.v.), where he negotiated the passage of the Second Crusade (q.v.) through the city in 1147. He died ca. 1157.

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